Familial Relations

Exodus 20:12 Honor thy father and thy mother

Introduction: The relationships of a man are in two directions. He owes an obligation to God and an obligation to man. Our obligations to God are, of course, the most important, and these are embodied in the first four commandments. As we come to the fifth commandment, we must realize the last six commandments teach our obligation to man. A person has not done his full duty until he has discharged his obligations to both God and man. Today, we learn of our obligations to our parents.

The Ten Commandments are not just laws -- they are love. CF. Mark l2:30,3l. We must love God and we must love people. The first people we must love are our parents.

I. The Commandment -- "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother." The family is a divine institution. God established it, and in the Bible He tells us how sons and daughters should treat their parents.

A. We honor our parents by giving them proper respect and reverence. We are never to call them "the old man" or "the old lady."

I. Think of what we owe our parents. They gave us life and love. Nothing is more revolting than ingratitude, which is shown by disrespect. I Thessalonians 5:18.

2. Think of the sacrifices which our parents made for us.

3. Look at how strong the Bible is on this matter of honoring parents. Exodus 21:15,17.

B. We honor our parents by obeying them. Heb. 13:17. The Bible says "the powers that be are ordained of God." God has given parents, the rule over us. Ephesians 6:1; Col. 3:20; Proverbs 4:1; Heb. 12:7,9-11; Proverbs 13:24.

1. Disobedience to parents leads to crime. The breaking of the laws of our parents is just one step away from breaking the laws of society.

2. Our example: Jesus -- A sinless child, was always obedient to his parents. II Cor. 5:21; Luke 2:51 "was subject to them."

C. We; honor our parents by caring for them in their time of need. I Tim. 5:8. We should expect to take care of our parents in their old age. In some heathen countries, old people are put out of the villages to die. In America, the trend is toward getting the government to take care of them and, often times, when it is unnecessary, to turn them over to nursing homes.

Jesus taught against the failure of people to care for their parents. Mark 7:6-13. When a man said, "Corban," he was saying that he was giving all his extra money for religious purposes and, therefore, was not responsible for the care of his parents. The Jewish religion was honoring this and Jesus denounced it

Our parents loved us and cared for us, in spite of our faults, and regardless of the sacrifice, and we should expect to do likewise.

II. The Parents Part .-- The parents must win their respect. If they expect to be honored, they must be worthy of that honor.

A. The parents must live for Christ. They must each follow the Bible pattern of their place in the home.

1. The husband's responsibility -- The head of the home. Responsible for discipline, protection, provision and spiritual leadership. I Sam. 3:12,13; Gen. 18:17-19; Deuteronomy 6: 4-9; Eph. 5:25-27.

2. The wife's responsibility -- Colossians 3:l8; I Peter 3:1-6; I Tim. 2:12-14. To give unself ish devotion and loyalty to home and family.

B. The parents must lead their children to Christ and train them properly. Proverbs 22:6; . Ephesians 6:4.

III. The Promise -- "That thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee."

Conclusion: Do we want a strong nation, blessed of God? The right kind of children will become the right kind citizens, which will bring God's blessing. Illustration. In Jeremiah 35, the Rechabites were offered wine to drink but they refused. They said their parents had taught them that they should not touch strong drink. God told them in vs. 18 and 19 that because of their obedience they, as a family would stand before Him forever. In 1862, a tribe of Rechabites were found living near the Dead Sea.