Exodus 20:8-11 Remember the sabbath to keep it holy.

Introduction: The first commandment told us to worship God and none other. The second told us to worship Him directly and to have no idols. The fourth tells us of a special time set aside for worship. "But", you will say, AI thought that a Christian could worship at any time." That is true, and we ought to worship morning, noon, and night. But God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would need one special time, one special day to call our attention away from earth to heaven, from man to God. So He set aside one day out of seven as a special day of worship.

I. The Sabbath Day -- A Special Day.

A. Set aside by God before the Ten Commandments.

1. By example -- Gen. 2:2-3

2. By precept -- Ex. 16:14-30

B. Our Sabbath is Sunday.

1. This was instituted by Jesus.

a. 5 times Jesus appeared to His followers on the Lord's Day.

b. Jesus buried the Old Testament Sabbath for He was dead and buried through it and rose triumphant on Sunday.

c. Saturday is:

(1) a Sabbath of nature

(2) a Sabbath of the rejected entombed Christ.

(3) a creator's day.

d. Sunday is:

(1) a Day of Grace

(2) a Day of the Risen Triumphant Saviour

(3) a Redeemer's Day

2. Commanded by Paul -- I Cor. 16:2

3. Observed by John -- Rev. 1:10

4. Followed and observed by Christians. Pentecost occurred on Sunday.

C. All work is to be done in six days. Only absolutely necessary work is to be done on Sunday.

II. Duties of the Lord's Day.

A. A Day of Rest C For the whole household, animals, servants, parents, children. Vs.10. More oxygen is lost in a day's work than can be recovered in a night=s sleep and that extra day of rest resupplies our need.

Illus. Of donkeys. One set was in good physical shape because it had one day of rest. Another set was in poor shape and the only answer was: the latter worked seven days.

B. A Day of Worship -- Hebrew 10:25.

We need a day when we are reminded of the spiritual truths that we know to be true. A day when we are taught the spiritual truths we need to know, a day when we take delight in the things of God, just as God took delight in the things He had created.

C. A Day of Service -- Jesus went about doing good on the Sabbath. It's a day we should use to serve Him.

III. The Purpose of the Lord's Day.

A. To Give Man Needed Res t-- We are like 7 day clocks. We need rewinding every seven days.

B. To distinguish God's people -- This special day was to be observed by the Israelites, so that other nations and peoples would see their strict observance of this day and know thereby, that these were God's people, and that there was a God who supplied their needs and to whom they were obedient. (Discuss this aspect of our observance. I Peter 2:9-10).

C. To Reveal God's Completed Plan.

The O.T. Sabbath pictured creation's rest and commemorated a finished creation. The Lord's Day pictures redemptive rest and should remind us: of the curse once placed upon the earth because of sin; of the sacrifice that was made by our Saviour to alleviate that curse; of the fact that when Jesus returns earth's curse will be completely removed: the earth will again have rest. Romans 8:19-23; Isa. 11:1-9; Galatians 3:13,14. The Lord's day pictures our present salvation-- for those who have trusted Christ, have entered into, His rest, and are no longer toiling for their salvation. Heb. 4:10.

Conclusion: We ought properly to observe the Lord's day because He will bless us for it, and because of the testimony it will be to our neighbors, and also, because of the present and eternal benefit it will be to our spiritual lives.









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