Speaking About God

Exodus 20:7 Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

Introduction: The first commandment told us that we are to worship God and Him only. The second commandment told us not to bow down before any image, but to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The third commandment tells us that we are to reverence Him: we are never to use His holy name in the wrong way.

I. The Name of the Lord

A. There is something unique and different about God's name. In the Bible names meant various things. Abraham, meant "Father of the Faithful;" Jacob meant Supplanter;" Israel meant "Peace with God;" etc. In the Bible, different names were used for God to denote various meanings: Jehovah, meant "The Self-existent and unchangeable one."Ex.6:23;3:13,14. (Lord). Elohim, meant "The one filled with majesty -the one to be feared"---Gen. 1.1. Adonai meant "Lord or ruler"--.Ps. 110:l. Elyon, meant "The exalted one" --Gen. 14:15. El-Shaddai, meant, "The all high" --Gen. 17:1; Ps. 77:14 and Isa. 66:13.

So, all that God is, does, and says, is included in His name. Man owes God: reverence, awe, fear and respect. When man doesn't show proper respect for God and His name, he is breaking this commandment. No person likes to see his name mis-spelled or hear it mispronounced or spoken of with dis-respect, and God doesn't like it, either.

II. The Wrong Use of God's Name.

A. The wrong use in profanity -- This is one of the most common sins in our day.

1. Profanity is of no value and of no reward. Cursing a motor, won't cause it to start. There may be some reward in stealing (for a time) but none in profanity.

2. Our speech indicates our character. Sam Jones said, "When I hear a man cursing, I hold to my Purse. If he will break one commandment, he will likely break another." Matthew 12:34.

3. Cursing causes a person to offer a profane and wicked prayer. Such a one, asks God to condemn someone in order to satisfy their desire for revenge. Mark 12:31.

4. Profanity not only corrupts you, but it corrupts others. Others hear it and copy you. Profanity indicates a lack of intelligence and maturity. Also, it often shows a lack of a good vocabulary. .

5. We should never use God's name as an expression, such as:"Oh, Lord" or "My God" or in any way that is not completely reverent.

6. Profanity is displeasing to God. Ephesians 4:29.

B. The wrong use of God's name is hypocrisy. Professing in church through our prayers, our praise, our confession -- and then failing to strive to live up to these things, is hypocrisy and makes a mockery of our so called respect for God. Eg. Ananias and Sapphira. Acts 6.