II Thess. 2:1-17
- Paul's Remarks To A Wakeful Church

Clarence Bishop


The warning given to the Thessalonian believers was not to awaken them. They were already awake and seemingly very much aware of the workings of Satan. The warning was to help them better prepare themselves for the emergencies that might develop.

As we look at this chapter, we hear the advice of Paul to every church facing similar circum-stances. May we listen carefully and apply his words to our own lives.


This is by far the largest section of lesson #9 and the danger is twofold. One is the danger of being misled and ending up in gross error. The other is the danger of being caught unawares at the coming of the Lord. Only two major divisions are seen in this section.

A. The Indication Of Satanic Rule - vs.1-7

The Bible teaches that Satan will rule over this world some day. It may seem that he is ruling today - but today he is an influence in our lives. One day he will be king and literally rule over all.

1. The Subject Introduced - vs.1-2

This is literally the coming of the Lord to rule over man.

a. The motive - v.1

Paul uses the coming of the Lord to ready them. He says, I beseech you by the coming of the Lord. Oh how this truth should motivate all of us!

b. The ministry - v.2a-e

Don't be upset. Paul then lists some three ways wherein believers could be troubled or upset - (1) by spirit (2) by word (3) by letter. The ministry is the calming of the believers in a time of anxiety.

c. The mission - v.2f

This is the day of Christ. They thought it was at hand. One day it will be as the Bible declares.

2. The Situation Intensified - vs.3-5

This is an area that each of us should be concerned about.

a. The warning

It's so easy to be deceived. Millions today are being deceived by the new age or the positive mental attitude movement.

b. The way - v.3b-e

Two things will happen before Jesus can return - One, a falling away by the saints or a departure from truth. The other is the appearance of the man of sin. The first has definitely been seen but the second is yet in the future.

c. The wonder - v.4

The wonder is that this man of sin makes himself to be God. He is not recognized to be the man of sin, but rather the world thinks he is God. The P.M.A. is rapidly preparing the world to receive such a one as God.

d. The watch - v.5

Paul says I told you about this when I was with you. Now watch for this to happen.

3. The Secret Interpreted - vs.6-7

This is information about the anti-christ.

a. The person - v.6

This is the anti-christ. He desires to come upon the scene even now but he is not allowed that privilege as yet.

b. The plot - v.7a

The mystery of iniquity (New Age -P. M. A., etc.) is already at work and it seems to be very effective - Satan is deliberately preparing the world for his appearance as the man of sin, the world's god.

c. The problem - v.7b-c

There is a force that is holding Satan back - Some call this the church - some say it is the Christians. We believe this to be the Holy Spirit of God. Note the second person masculine pronoun "he." At the time of the writing of the KJV 1611, the word "let" meant "hinder" and that is the way it is used in this verse.

B. The Information Of The Sinner's Ruin - vs.8-12

No truth is more clearly revealed than this one - Note vs.11-12

1. The appearance of His coming - v.8a

After the removal of the hindering power - he appears - Immediately after the rapture.

2. The assignment of the conqueror - v.8b-c

This man of sin will literally be destroyed by Jesus Christ. Read Rev.20:1-3.

3. The assessment of his character - vs.9-10a

It is satanic in every way. Note there will be power, signs and lying wonders. The result will be deception. The world will think this is their God - will accept him as such -

4. The appraisal of the condemnation - vs.10b-12

Note these three things -

a. The cause recorded - v.10b

They rejected the truth of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. This could and would have brought salvation to them.

b. The curse revealed - v.11

They will be deluded by God so that they will believe a lie - They have no choice in this matter.

c. The condemnation restated - v.12

"That they all might be damned."

That's a pretty strong verse.


To deny that God has a design for this world and all that is within it would be the height of ignorance.

A. The Worship Of The Servant - v.13a-b

Paul once again goes to God in thankful prayer. This is caused by the Thessalonian believers.

B. The Will Of The Sovereign - v.13c

This is that God hath chosen them to salvation. Note -

1. When -

It was from the beginning -

2. What -

Chosen you to salvation -

3. How -

a. Through sanctification of the Spirit -

b. Belief of the truth -

The choice was that men would be saved through the sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.

C. The Work Of The Savior -v.14a

His was the calling of the lost soul through the Gospel that Paul presented.

D. The Way Of Success - v.14b

The goal is the obtaining of the glory that is in the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is twofold -

A. His Desire Regarding Their Conduct - v.15

It's quite evident that Paul desired these people to be steadfast. It seems even in those days people would fall out of the way - Keep the traditions that you have learned either from my personal message to you or from a letter from me - Don't be sidetracked.

B. His Desire Regarding Their Comfort - vs.16-17

Paul certainly knows the right source of comfort and his prayer is for the good work of God in and upon their lives resulting in the comfort of God upon their hearts and the stablishing of the Thessalonians in every good work.