The Fundamentals by Dr. David Marlett, et al

Old Testament Survey by Dr. David Marlett

Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth by Dr. Harry Ironside

Not Wrath, but Rapture by Dr. Harry A. Ironside

Pastoral Soulwinning by CH Spurgeon

Except Ye Repent by Dr. Harry A. Ironside

Pastoral Theology various

The Holy Spirit by Dr Jack Hyles

Lectures on Revival by Charles G. Finney

Lectures to Professing Christians by Charles G. Finney

Baptist History by S.H. Ford

The Church by Dr Jack Hyles

Life of William Carey by George Smith

The Life and Diary of David Brainerd

The King James Version Defended by E.F. Hills

Manuscript Evidence by Dr. Thomas Holland

Forever Settled by Jack Moorman

Why Four Gospels? by Arthur Pink

Translators Revived by Alexander McClure D.D.

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