Eighteen Questions for "Saved Catholics"

Occasionally, some well-meaning Christian thinks he knows a "saved Roman Catholic." We invite such a person to study the following questions and then ask the Roman Catholic for his answers to them. His answers will easily determine that he is not saved in the true, Biblical sense.

The new "accommodation" approach of the Roman Church in these ecumenical days of apostasy is to use the same expressions as Fundamental Christians. But Christian love is not shown by permitting these people to believe they are saved when they are not. Christian love is shown by making the true Gospel plain and clear so that the "religious but lost" person will recognize his unsaved condition and his need of a Saviour, the true Christ of the Bible, not a counterfeit, as in the Roman, Greek and many other churches.

The Apostle Paul said that he was free from the blood of all men. May the same be true of every genuine witness for Jesus Christ! Here are the questions:

    1. When were you converted?

    2. How were you converted?

    3. To what, or to whom, were you converted?

    4. What do you believe now that you did not believe before your conversion?

    5. What does it mean to be saved?

    6. On what Scriptural promises do you base your salvation?

    7. What does it mean to be born again?

    8. Are you sure today that if you die tomorrow, or at any time in the future, you will be in heaven immediately after death?

    9. What do you believe about Purgatory?

    10. What do you believe about the Mass?

    11. Do you still participate in the Mass?

    12. Do you believe that to miss Mass voluntarily on Sunday would be a mortal sin, so that if you did not confess it before you died, you would not go to heaven?

    13. Do you believe that any sinner can be saved who dies without trusting in Jesus Christ alone for the salvation of his soul and forgiveness of his sins?

    14. Do you believe that Mary and Roman Catholic saints can help you get to heaven?

    15. How do you believe that the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ is applied to your soul?

    16. Have you told your priest you have been saved (converted)?

    17. Do you believe you will still go to heaven if you leave the Roman Catholic Church, receive believer's baptism and join a fundamental Baptist church?

    18. When and where do you plan to do this?

As these questions, and others you can think of, are discussed in detail, you will quickly see that the person is trusting in his work, merits, baptism, confirmation, sacraments, or something besides - or plus - Jesus Christ and not in Christ and Christ alone. He can then be shown the difference between his unbiblical form of salvation and the saving faith of the Bible.

(From The Gospel Catholic - The Conversion Center, Phila. PA)